Women's Empower and Devour
(A Personal Guide to Counter Sexual Predators and Abductors)

  • Statistics based sexual predator selection WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW

  • Teaches who is the targeted

  • Red flag pre-contact indicators

  • How to properly pre-assess risk factors

  • Learn how to be a hard target

  • Learn how to weaponize your cell phone

  • Learn how to strategically weaponize your environment

  • How to create a 4-level contingency plan

  • Learn how to weaponize your fear and activate your killer instinct

  • Defense from grabs

  • Vital point striking

  • Fighting dirty from the ground

  • What EDC (EveryDay Carries) is best suited for you

  • How to create distractionary windows and why it’s important

  • Learn various unlawful confinement tactical survival escape hacks

  • Learn how to create and identify safe zones