Mitch Burke


Former Student

Jamen Zacharias

JKD Senior Full-Instructor

Chad Soper is a dedicated, life long martial artist and martial researcher. As a professional trainer, he focuses and melds his knowledge and experience to meet the needs of his students and clients. This is an important quality, as it takes into proper consideration the goals and direction of those he feels honored to work with.

David Shin

Former General Manage of UFC Gym

Chad's teachings are not only extremely pragmatic, but are also thoroughly detailed and engaging as well."


Former Student - WKA North American Kickboxing Champion

Chad’s passion for the martial arts are rivalled by only one thing - his passion for teaching. He truly puts all his energy into every one of his students regardless of their starting level and strives to bring out the best in everyone he trains with. Every aspect of training is addressed from physical fitness and combative skills to the mental component of fighting as well. Chad makes sure that whatever obstacles his students face, they’ll be ready.

Mitch Burke
WKL Title Champion
Since 2013 I have been competing in mixed martial arts and kickboxing. I have had my ups and downs with strategies, skill set and mindset. Knowing Chad as a personal friend, training partner and coach, I can attest to his training methods.
I was in a rut, coming off of 2 losses, feeling unmotivated, stuck and mentally weak. I approached Chad and asked him to work with me. He helped me prepare for 2 months leading up to my first title bout. He helped me work on my technique, warrior spirit and military mindset. I went into my fight with nothing but ferociousness and confidence.
I won in the first round with a 7 second knockout. It was not the result I was most pleased with, it was my mindset transformation. Whether your goal is physical fitness, self-defence, fight training or military.
CQC Survival Syndicate can get you there.
OCdt Collins
Royal Military College of Canada

Chad's training has left a significant impact on me because he made me aware of my ego and its incompatibility in the viciousness of the fighting arena. It is no exaggeration that vulnerability is always prone to exploitation and his knowledge of the physical and mental aspects of combat are something seldom offered to the general public.


Chad has a way of personally connecting with his students and teaching them the dangers of not being prepared both mentally and physically. He is truly knowledgeable in a vast field ranging from fitness to self-defense and puts forth the utmost passion into his teaching. I trained with Chad at a time when I was uncertain about what kind of preparation I needed in order to prepare for a career in the Canadian Armed Forces.


Now I am 3 years into my military career and I can see many parallels in the training Chad provides for its practicality and realism at simulating the stress of a combat scenario. His training has taught me things that I can use in everyday life as well as preparing me for the strenuousness of a career in the combat arms.