Sport Specific Striking

If you’re looking for the fastest technical progression while strategy and fight IQ are brought to a never before skillset with an impenetrable no-limits mindset; this is the place for you. This is a fully customized system completely dedicated and dependent on you and your goals.

What is Sport Specific Striking? 

It is a no-nonsense, rare and pragmatic hybrid combat athlete fighting system. It is derived from such systems as Muay Thai kickboxing, American kickboxing, and the dirty Filipino boxing system known as Panantukan with Lethwei influences.

Here’s how this works:

Step 1 – Contact me so that you can tell me about your mission


Step 2 – Your journey begins with our first one-on-one training session. You will be walked through various exercises to test personal strengths and weaknesses. From there, you will receive video footage from your evaluation with instructor feedback


Step 3 – Through careful critique and bio-mechanical micromovement awareness drills, your weaknesses will soon become your strength. In addition, your already strong attributes will be accelerated to new and exciting levels of capability


Step 4 – You will learn how to examine others’ strengths and weaknesses and how to strategically exploit target openings as well as to create them


Students have found outstanding benefits from this program including:

  • Self confidence

  • An enhanced sense of self and accomplishment

  • Improved coordination

  • Improved clarity

  • Increased lean muscle mass

  • Increased level of flexibility and mobility

  • Weight loss

  • Faster metabolism

  • An improved immune system

  • Improved sleep and stress relief


Online Set for Striking Fundamentals Also Available