Hostile Street Combat Solutions

Teaches you:

  • How to better identify high risk areas

  • Identify red flag pre-contact indicators

  • How to properly execute a 3-tier contingency plan

  • Verbal de-escalation tactics

  • How to manipulate and overcome adrenaline induced combat stress

  • How to adapt cognitive enhancement skills and development

  • Learn how to weaponize your cell phone

  • Section 34 of the criminal code – know your rights

  • Tactical verbal commanding from subject control

  • Code blue (active threat) – empty hand combatives

  • Code yellow (intermediate threat) – empty hand combatives

  • Code orange (high treat) – empty hand combatives

  • Code red (lethal threat) – empty hand combatives

  • An in depth understanding on sympathetic response systems

  • How to properly identify improvised tools of defense

  • Motor shut down sciences (brain scrambles)

  • Weapon disarms (bottle, blade, bat, pool cue, sticks, guns and syringes)

  • Limb destructions

  • Subject mobility impairment tactics

  • How to create and identify safe zones

  • Improvised body shielding tactics

  • Improvised cover and concealment

  • Learn how to activate your killer instinct

  • Post combat self-triage tactics

  • Street survival grappling

  • Counter ambush crafts

Street Savvy Survival -

Volume 1 

teaches you:

- how to create and weaponize a non violent tactical stance for pre contact 

-verbal de-escalation - verbal threat evaluation 

-hostile terrain cognitive awareness skills and development 

-Improvised surveillance 

-how to identify and create minimal risk zones

-pre emptive attacks 


Volume 2 

- an in depth guide to become an absolute striking destroyer!! by incorporating bio mechanical anatomical combat science.

-Defense from grabs 


Volume 3

-sneaky distract and attack 

-tools to defend against sucker attacks 

- human shielding control tactics 

-threat scans 


Volume 4 

-improvised and pre-meditated blunt - edged weapon defensive systems 

Volume 5

-improvised and pre-meditated blunt-edged weapon offensive systems 


Volume 6 

-Limb destructions 



-grip and rips 


Volume 7 

-an in depth guide to real world gun disarming taking into account numerous variables from hold up positions 

-subject control systems

-Improvised restraint tactics 


Volume 8 

-motor shutdown systems 

-immobilization tactics 

-kino muay thai the art of (biting, pinching, eye gouging)