Although we do not recommend direct encounters with perpetrators; we understand that there can be unforeseen acts of imminent lethal brutality to you and your loved ones. This is serious stuff!! Therefore, we must train for the absolute worst conditions.

  • Exterior location threat diagnosis

  • Creating determined exterior obstructions

  • Identifying the WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW is your place of residence under the highest threat level of  successful invasion 

  • WHERE is the most highly probable areas of entry 

  • Creating a neighbourhood lookout

  • Learn how to implement a pre-determined 3 tier contingency action plan

  • Learn how to manipulate and overcome adrenaline induced combat stress

  • Teach you and your household to work as a cohesive combat unit

  • An in depth understanding of anatomical sympathetic response systems

  • Subject compliance and control systems

  • Learn how to weaponize your cell phone

  • Cognitive enhancement skills and development

  • How to properly identify improvised tools of defense

  • How to create a fatal funnel

  • Various methods to create distractionary windows

  • Weapon disarms

  • Retention tactics

  • What to carry for ‘armed and ready’

  • Tactical weaponization of location

  • Subject mobility impairment tactics

  • Defense from grabs

  • Vital point striking

  • Anatomical communication shut down sciences

  • Section 34 of the criminal code

  • Know your rights (for court) justifiable use of force

  • Unlawful detainment escape survival hacks

Home Defense Tactics Survival Kit: