Intergrated Tactical Military CQC 

  Welcome to CQC survival, the new era of conflict resolution and tactical empowerment. This innovative system is a combination of military close quarter combat techniques that vary from systems from the Russian special ops - Spetnaz, Israeli Krav Maga, the USA McMap program, as well as British Ranger - SAS. This program also incorporates Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial arts and Silat. This particular no nonsense system incorporates sympathetic response, by having this understanding you will cut your reaction time in half and eventually become instinctive.

This evolutionary system is as much mental as it is physical. The fact of the matter is, at 175 BPM (Beats Per Minute) you will be exposed to tunnel vision also known as perceptual narrowing. This is extremely dangerous state to be in. Therefore, we must be prepared to be able to intelligently identify possible threats and risk factors. These days, a lot of fights happens in numbers. All teachings are in accordance with the Canadian criminal justice use of force code. So what this means is that not only will you have the tools to defend yourself in any range of situations, but you will also know and understand the legal ramifications. 

L.N.I.T Ages 5-15

  Little ninja in training program is designed to prepare and educate our youths not only on how to defend themselves from attack but also being able to intelligently identify possible threats. Finding tactically calculated strategic countermeasures to ensure students safety before the hostile situation has even taken place. We also promote the how, when, where, why philosophy, we find that once we can find the root of the problem. We can fully diagnose the situation at hand with clarity. Our challenging program consists of various de-escalation techniques, defense from grabs, restraint techniques. As well as basic striking based on sympathetic responses, knowing and understanding how this works literally cuts your reaction time in half. Students that participate in this program will find improved self confidence, self worth, self control, better improved physical shape, improved sleep behavior. As well as a disciplined mind and an overwhelming sense of achievement, that you can't help but smile about. You owe it to yourself to be safe. Don't hesitate or wait when tomorrow could be to late.

Group Classes


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