• Certified Jeet Kune Do Associate Instructor under Gavin Edis and Assistant Instructor under Jamen Zacharias (Former Combat instructor of the Filipino Marines)

  • Miranda Kalis bersilat Panantukan guro/master under Wei Wilson

  • Urban Tactical Operations Specialist under Wei Wilson

  • Certified CT 707 Krav Maga instructor under Nir Maman (Head Close Combat instructor of Israeli Counter Terrorism Unit)

  • Master Chief Instructor of Krav Maga under Mourad Jaffari

  • Certified Instructor under Vladamir Vasiliev (former instructor for the Russian Special Operations Tactical Unit)

  • Certified Executive Protection Specialist - Europe -  Canada - USA -

  • Kombat BJJ certified 1st Dan Black Belt under Mike Govich

  • Kino Mutai certified 1st Dan Black Belt under Mike Govich

  • Hand-to-Hand Combatives Black Belt under Mike Govich

  • Certified knife instructor under Hoch Hochheim (Close Combat instructor for the United States Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force)

  • 20 years of Integrated Military Close Combat research

  • Anatomy and Physiology 101 university graduate

  • Certified PPCT Use of Force instructor




  • First introduced to martial arts in 1987

  • Certified kickboxing coach since 2000

  • Cornerman since 2000

  • Coached, cornered and/or assisted fighters leading to 12 title victories

  • Various styles of martial arts experience include:

-Muay Thai kickboxing -Karate -Tae Kwon Do 

-Freestyle Kung Fu -Panantukan -Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

-Sombo -Greco Roman wrestling 

  • Muay Thai kru/black belt under Wei Wilson 

  • Certified personal trainer for 10 years+

  • Designed and customized various combat athlete weight management programs

  • Over 10 000 hours of teaching experience




  • CQB (Close Quarter Battle) Tactics

  • Breaching

  • Active Shooter Awareness

  • Active Shooter Tactics

  • Situational Awareness

  • Bomb Threat Response

  • Terrorism Risk Management

  • Field Trauma Medicine 

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care

  • Emergency Response Preparedness

  • Crisis Response Coordinator


  • Master Black Belt 5th Degree in “Hawaian Kalimalama” by Master Kazja Patsschull, USA.(1995)

  • TRX Rip Trainer en la Preconference Workshop 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention, Los Angeles-California, USA amd Expo-Vida in the Sambil Caracas TRX Rip Training y TRX Suspensión Training, Caracas, Distrito Capital. (2013)

  •  International Certified Instructor in TRX Rip Trainer and Suspensión with TRX Venezuela y Big Fitness Venezuela-Caracas, Distrito Capital.(2015)

  •  Internacional Instructor recognized in Russian Systema Martial Arts en Sao Paulo-Brazil by Martin Wheeler. (2017)

  •  Active member representative Black Belt Shodan ITKF of the Shotokan Karate-
    Do Tradicional, Kyokai Suchykan Goju Ryu Karate-Do, Shorin Ryu Karate-Do,

    Kyo Kushynkai Karate International Southamerica (Venezuela-Ecuador-Colombia-Perú-Brasil-México). (2019)

  •  World Kyokushin-Kai Karate Organization Representative and active member Black Belt (2010)

  • Arizona Wing Chun University Houston Texas Representative for all South América. (2019)

  • Striker Fight Center-Atienza Kali Atlanta Georgia, USA old Representative. (2019)

  •  Russian Systema Martial Arts Sivirsky Vju by Master Dimitry Skogorev: Representative Instructor for South America. (2019)

  • Official Representative Instructor of the Filipino Combatives Global under the Grandmaster Félix Cortes for all Central y Southmérica and active member as International Instructor. (2022)

  • Kru Representative of the Muay Thai 8 Armas de Brasil and Sri Lanka pugilism trainer and active Kru Instructor for Brasil, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. (2021)

  • Martial Arts and Self Preservation Training Alliance Partnership with the Instructor Chad Soper of the CQC Survival Syndicate from Canada. (2022)


  • MasterFounder of the Miranda Kalis-Bersilat. (Sistema de Combate basado en Systemas Indonesios-Filipinos-Malayos).

  •  Master Founder of the Wei ́s R.H.I.N.O System - a Reality Based Self Preservation Training

  • Certified “International Judo Coach” (2012)

  • Certified “Silver Glove 2 &3 Professor en Savate de Rue / Boxe Francaise por Diversified League of Martial Artists y California Assosiation of Boxe Francaise-Savate and Related Disciplines, USA. (2011-2014)

  •  Member of the Jeet Kune Do Association as Jeet Kune Do Master Full Instructor, by the Professor Gary Dill., USA. (2011)

  •  Certified as Guro “Professor” in the Doce Pares Philippine ́s Eskrima-Multi-System by SGM Dioniso Cañete, Philippines. (2009)

  •  Master 15 Khan Kru in Muay Thai Tradicional by Conferancao Brasileira de Kick-Boxing e Muay Thai, Brazil. (2008)

  •  Sensei Black Belt 4th Degree in the Suchykan Goju Ryu Karate Do Kobudo Kyokai, Panamá. (2008)

  • Master Okuden of the Japanese Fencing Style “Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Kenjutsu”and “Ishikawa Kenjutsu” from theTachikaze Kenjutsu Dojo, Central Branch Philippines-Japan, Headed by the Menkyo Kaiden Sensei Batayola Isagani HNIR Philippines Shibu-Cho Area Head, Philippines. (2008)

  •  Master Black Belt 4th Degree of the “Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima-Eskrido-Pangamot-Sagasa-Kamot-Kilat-Sikaran-Layog-Dumog-Angka Pagkusi” Y “Doce Pares Fighting Arts Systems” b 
    S. Grand Master Ciriaco “Cacoy” de La Cuesta Cañete y el GM Anthony Kleeman, Philippines. (2008)

  •  “Boxing Coach Level 4” otorgado by the GM Vincent Palumbo, Australia. (2008)

  •  Sifu Full Instructtor in Bruce Lee ́s Jeet Kune Do, by the JKD Master Lamar Davis ll, USA. (2008)

  • Master Black Belt 6th Degree level of the “Estalilla Kabaroan Eskrima” by Dr Ramiro U Estalilla, Jr, D.M.A, Philippines. (2007)

  • Master Black Belt 3th Degree in Torite Jutsu” “death touch-black medicine” by Kenneth Miskhs de Dragon Society, USA-Panamá. (2006)

  • Head Instructor del sistema de Combate Agresivo de Reacción Inmediata en la
    formaición de Escoltas a PMI, de la International Bodyguard and Security Specialist Institute de Panamá. (2006)

  •  International Stick Fighting Champion of the “Cacoy Cañete World Eskrima Championships”, Philippines. (2005)

  • Master Black Belt 5th Degree in Doce Pares Eskrima / Balintawak” under Carson Haines III, Panamá. (2000)

  • Instructor del sistema de Combate Ruso “Systema / Kadochnikova” Panamá. (2000)

  • Master Black Belt “Yudansha Godan” 5th Degree in Nizendo Ryu Venezuela. (1999)

  • Master Professor Certified by Master Dan Inosanto, A-Kyu Shooter Master Yori Nakamura, Sifu Francis Fong and Paula Inosanto in Bruce Lee ́s Jun Fan Gung Fu- Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Kru in Muay Thai, Shootwrestling, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Inosanto ́s Maphilindo Silat y Inosanto Filipino Kalis System, USA. (1998)