Chads martial arts journey; it all started at the young age of 6 being beaten with sticks, rocks and fists. He was told by his parents,  "It takes a bigger man to walk away." Chads parents tried to resolve the beatings; with teachers, principals and counselors but it just didn't stop. It kept happening every day. Chad would come home a mess. His father got fed up and threw him in martial arts and said "The next time that bully messes with you, make sure he doesn't do it again."  That day was the defining moment where he knew that he would never have to be a victim again. 

    He trained religiously by the age of 22. He contacted various different martial arts schools of different styles and set up sparring sessions with the top students and instructors. If he lost; he would grab a paper and write down where he went wrong and where his opponent went right so that the next day he could look to fix where he went wrong. His drive, determination and dedication has led him all over North America training with some of the worlds best fighters. This has led to always adapting and evolving new strategies and looking into the science behind movement and what makes it effective. 

     After being jumped, beaten and held at knife point he realized the ring does not prepare you for multiple attackers, knife and gun threats. This is where he found his true calling. He spent the last 20 years learning and eventually teaching violent offender street savvy combatives integrated with military close quarters combat research. He has shared techniques with some of the best close quarter combat specialists the world has to offer; organizations included members from British Rangers - SAS marine core McMap program, Israeli commandos, as well as being a direct student instructor of living legend Vladimir Vasiliev, former instructor of the Russian special operations tactical unit. 

     Chad Soper has trained with several members of Canadian Armed Forces, members of the police force for restraint and pain compliance techniques, and with principals and counselors as a bully-proofing instructor. While designing a defensive tactics program his goal and mission was to work with misguided youths in hopes of redirecting their energy into a positive building block. He said simply, that 'he was a misguided youth and it was time to give something back'. At this time Chad Soper has 33 years of experience with several martial arts systems and has instructed at various different military/ martial arts locations and fight teams including the UFC gym. Chad currently has over 10 thousand teaching hours.