We Don't Start Fights, We End Them!

Street Savvy Combatives

Street Savvy Combatives

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We prepare for an imperfect, dangerous and ruthless world. The reality is things go wrong!!

To minimize personal risk we customize 3-4 tier contingency plans depending on the nature of the imminent hostile engagement.

We teach fear management skills and strategies that activate combat readiness.

We take into account, dissect and simulate an adrenalized state of panic that challenges and prepares you for the psychological and physiological changes to self.

We offer hostile crisis consulting with build -your-own customized training kits that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Your safety is your first responsibility. You are your first line of defense!!! 

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    After many years of training and countless hrs of in-depth street violence research, it was discovered that most martial arts clubs don't train a tenth of what, in many cases, has been found to be life saving. This is extremely disturbing and from there the vision was born. Our goal was to build an urban survival combat group predicated to meet all stages of combat via pre-during-post tactical strategy for personal safety. Chad, head coach and founder, personally knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of knife and gun threats as well as blunt impact weapons, mass attack and the body's pre-determined threat response. By being under the influence of severe spikes of adrenaline and studying the psychological and physiological implications, CQC SS's hybrid combatives system was born:

This unique, innovative system combines military close quarter combat techniques from systems such as the Russian special ops - Spetnaz, Israeli Krav Maga, the USA McMap program, as well as British Ranger - SAS. Programs incorporate Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts and Silat and build off of sympathetic response systems.

By having these understandings, reaction time can be cut in half and eventually become instinctive. Survival is as much mental as it is physical; at 175 BPM (Beats Per Minute) tunnel vision occurs, also known as perceptual narrowing. This is an extremely dangerous state to be in. Therefore, we must be able to intelligently identify all possible threats and risk factors.


In-person or via Skype/Zoom


Families, law enforcement, business groups etc.


Choose a membership program that works best for you; whether you'd like 1-1 feedback or to just download the videos and go!

In response to COVID-19 safety plans, restrictions and protocols our lives have changed.

We must therefore be at a place of pre-emptive alert. 

We are operating in a society where human contact is restricted:

Fear is up 

Anger is up

Poverty is up 

Depression is up 

Drug overdoses are up

Employment is down. 

This brings poverty crimes.

We must therefore prepare for the worst so we can do the best to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 


      Yup...I definitely came from a troubled past. As a child I was victimized by regular beatings, as my parents told me I was not allowed to fight back. In my opinion, everyone has a right to defend themselves. My father soon realized this as well. 

      I currently have over 3 decades of training and over 20 years of self-defense combatives training. I have shared techniques with some of the best close quarter combat specialists the world has to offer including members from British Rangers - SAS marine core McMap program, Israeli commandos as well as being a direct student instructor of living legend Vladimir Vasiliev, former instructor of the Russian Special Operations tactical unit.

    My determination and dedication has led to always adapting and evolving new strategies and looking into the science behind movement and what makes it effective. Since then, I have instructed at various urban fight schools and military martial arts locations as well as coached/cornered and assisted leading to 12 title victories. 

   I’m currently looking to share my hybrid fighting systems with you. If you have ever been scared for your life and/or personal safety or just looking to enhance your skill-set for realistic application, know you're not alone and have come to the right place.

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Since 2013 I have been competing in mixed martial arts and kickboxing. I have had my ups and downs with strategies, skill set and mindset. Knowing Chad as a personal friend, training partner and coach, I can attest to his training methods.


I was in a rut, coming off of 2 losses, feeling unmotivated, stuck and mentally weak. I approached Chad and asked him to work with me. He helped me prepare for 2 months leading up to my first title bout. He helped me work on my technique, warrior spirit and military mindset. I went into my fight with nothing but ferociousness and confidence.


I won in the first round with a 7 second knockout. It was not the result I was most pleased with, it was my mindset transformation. Whether your goal is physical fitness, self-defence, fight training or military, CQC Survival Syndicate can get you there.

Mitch Burke

WKL Title Champion