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Chad Soper
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Protection Specialist, Personal Trainer

Personal Training Client

Eddie D.

"I can't say enough about how awesome it was to work out with Chad. He knows exactly how to help step a person through the process of progressing toward your goal. A clear and open level of communication and the ability to listen, allows Chad to deliver the goods. With every single workout over the 3 years I trained with Chad I felt like he really understood what was possible even when I did not. I would strongly recommend Chad to anyone serious and committed to fitness."


David Shin

Former General Manager of UFC Gym

"Chad's teachings are not only extremely pragmatic, but are also thoroughly detailed and engaging as well."

The truth about common street fights is revealed!!!

The one that first decides to fight usually wins, here's why. He's had time to plan his attack, he's got his friends to back him up, they could very well have weapons. Therefore we must assume the worst and make our techniques become instinctual. The fact of the manner is 9 out of 10 people freeze when instant raw aggression is demonstrated to them by an attacker. We also must assume they have a well thought out plan. No one fights, thinking they will lose.

Is it time to take your life back?

Do you want, see and need to become that 10 percent.

If so come in for a free class, we will show you what we can do for you.

~ Chad Soper, Protection Specialist

Alarming increases on Police reported crimes!

Statistics has shown an increase in homicide by 15%, attempted murder by 22% and the use of a firearm being pointed at a target or discharged by 22%. Therefore we must train for the worst, so we can do our best in those worst case scenarios.

You only become a victim when it's too late.

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